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Production and sales activities are completed when the products are delivered to the buyers. To meet diversifying user needs and to respond to these needs quickly and accurately, transportation management is a key.

We, with various vehicles, nation-wide business network, and development of computerized vehicles assignment system, have constructed comprehensive transportation method to meet every need. Among them are; mass-transportation between nation-wide bases, small-quantity delivery within each area, and bulk cargo transportation using specialized vehicles.


Our organization holds expertise in offering cargo and freight transport services that differs from case to case and depends on the customer's priorities. In this age of hi-tech communication and transportation, a number of factors are kept in mind while moving the goods from one place to another. With increasing fuel costs and importance of timely deliveries, a few important tasks on which we emphasize on includes:

  • Preparation of a full inventory of the stock.
  • Measurement of total weight and volume of the material to be transported.
  • Type of goods to be moved.
  • Time availability.

We have an excellent track record for successful warehouse design, implementation and operation for both dedicated and multi-user facilities. Warehousing services support inbound logistics, distribution and aftermarket services in a way that improves customers inventory management, reduces total operating costs and improves cycle times.

We provide:
  • Adequate insured private warehousing space.
  • Warehouse space at the ICD's for storage of goods carted direct at these centers.
  • Safe storage of goods.
  • Control checks on entry & exit of goods.
  • Helps our clients to reduce fixed overheads, increase efficiency, cut down valuable management time and offer great efficiency.

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